Upholstery And Mattress Cleaning Services

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The most difficult thing to clean in your home or apartment is your upholstered furniture. Different types of upholstery may require different cleaning techniques and different cleaning products. If you use the wrong technique or products to clean that upholstery you could end up ruining your upholstery, which is why many people in Silver Springs choose Carpet Cleaning Silver Springs when they need they upholstery cleaned.

We Clean All Different Types of Upholstery

Our upholstery cleaning technicians are trained and skilled at cleaning a wide variety of upholstery materials including:

  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Velour
  • Velvet
  • Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Polyester and Polyester blends
  • Wool and wool blends

We can also clean those cruel embroidery dining room chair cushions without running or fading the colors. Not only can we remove dirt and stains from your upholstered fabrics, we can also remove all different types of odors.

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Mattress Cleaning For More Healthy Sleep

Along with cleaning your living room, family room, or dining room upholstery we also provide our customers with mattress cleaning services. Cleaning your mattresses periodically 2 or 3 times a year not only leaves your mattresses looking and smelling cleaning and fresher, it also is better for your overall health.

Studies have shown that when mattresses collect dust, sweat, and dry skin cells and those dust mites that not only is sleeping less comfortable, but the air quality of your room deteriorates. Each time you toss or turn in bed loose dust and dead skin fly up into the air where you breath them in. The more often you clean your mattresses the less loose dust and dead skin cells there are to disturb during your sleep and the cleaner you bedroom air remains and the less pollution you will breathe in.

Our state of the art steam cleaners not only removes any dirt and odors from your mattresses they also kill germs and bacteria which mean that you get a more restful and healthy nights sleep.

More Than Just Upholstery and Mattresses

Our upholstery cleaning services includes more than just cleaning your upholstery. We also will clean your curtains and drapes, blinds and those tapestries you have hanging on your wall leaving all these different fabrics looking and smelling their very best. Many of our customers use our upholstery cleaning services when doing their spring or holiday cleaning so their entire home looks and smells it’s best.

Get a Free Estimate

We understand that you don’t want to just hire any cleaning service without having some idea regarding the cost involved, so why not come in for free consultation or give us a call at 301-232-3680 and ask for a free estimate that is designed for your special upholstery cleaning needs. Or speak to our online representative right here on this website. We will be happy to give you a free estimate, answer any questions you may have or book an upholstery cleaning appointment.