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We are happy you decided to visit our website and learn more about our company and our carpet and other cleaning services. At Carpet Cleaning Silver Springs we understand that most people lead extremely busy lives what with work and all of the other responsibilities that you have on a daily basis. Which is why we are dedicated to helping take some of cleaning burden off your shoulders by offering you the very best in carpeting cleaning services.

Licensed and Insured

We are a fully licensed and insured cleaning company. This means you can rest assured that we are dedicated to providing the very best cleaning services possible for you and your family and even your business. Our experienced and trained cleaning technicians know how to properly clean your carpets including spot, stain and odor removal.

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Our State of the Art Equipment

We use only state of the art cleaning equipment and keep them well maintained so that they can function as they are meant to function giving you the cleanest carpets possible. Our state of the art steam cleaners do an excellent job of getting both residential and commercial carpets spotless clean.

Our Organic Cleaners

Because we believe that your carpeting and furniture should not only be clean, but also safe we use only organic cleaners that are safer for the environment, your children and your pets than those chemical cleaners some other companies use. We not only have organic cleaning products to clean your carpeting, but also to remove stains and odors as well.

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We Make Cleaning Your Carpets as Convenient for You As Possible

We do everything possible to make having your carpeting cleaned as convenient for you as we possibly can. For that reason we keep extended hours from 8 to 8 and offer same day services for those customers who find they have a unexpected break in their schedule or a rug cleaning emergency. In addition, we offer all of our potential customers a free consultation so that you have an opportunity to meet us and learn more about our cleaning methods, equipment, and cleaning products before you decide to hire our services.

Other Services we Offer

Besides our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services we also offer our customers a number of other useful services including:

  • Area rug cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Water damage repair

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Learn More About Cleaning Services

We invite you to learn more about cleaning services. This website has a page dedicated to each of our services where we explain a little bit more about each service we provide. Please feel free to take as much time as you would like to browse our website and read about those services that you are interested in. For even more information or to set up an appointment for a free consultation, a cleaning appointment, or to get an estimate for the specific services you are looking for give us a call (301) 232-3680 or talk to our online representative right here on this website.